Top 3 lakeside villages in Hungary

Szigliget, Veszprem county

Szigliget ©

Hungary is crawling with vacations spots, I have 3 good reasons now for you to choose the lakeside. The country is a great place to relax and see wonders. The places I am going to show – sort of – are some of the best destinations to rest without stress and still explore wonderful landscapes.

Do you like these picturesque villages or do you prefer large cities and buzzing nightlife? Let me know which one of the below small places would you like to visit and what are you looking for in an original Hungarian vacation, but first let’s see the top 3 lakeside villages in Hungary.

Szigliget, Veszprem county

Szigliget, Veszprem county

Szigliget ©

The small village on the shore of Lake Balaton got its name from the cones formed by the slow shrinking of the lake’s water. But Szigliget is mostly famous for its fortress. The original fort was built by the Benedictine Abby of Pannonhalma in the 1260, its today’s size mirrors the 16the century state.

The multi-level castle now only has 1.5 – 2 meter high walls, some of what are new, restored. Yet it is considered the most spectacular  fortress near Lake Balaton after the castle of Sumeg, it is worth a visit even only for the amazing view. Apart from this, the beach at Szigliget is one of the best in Veszprem county and the area, rather quite, perfect for families.

Poroszlo, Heves county

Poroszlo Bird Reserve

Poroszlo Bird Reserve ©

Tisza Lake is one of the most important resting places of migratory birds in Europe, there is also a Bird Nature Reserve on the northern part of the lake that is part of Hortobagy National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. There is a large number of bird species that can be observed here and although the species change from month to month, you can see the most during the summer.

The flora of the lake and the area is most beautiful in the summer months, many parts of the lake are covered in yellow water lily and White Lotus – it’s breathtaking. There are boat trips organized where you can see the most interesting parts of the lake, although the territory of the reserve cannot be explored on motorboat. Poroszlo is a great place to start and find some locals to guide you on the water or take the walking trips, it is beautiful!

Balatonederics, Veszprem county

Balatonederics Africa Museum

Balatonederics Africa Museum ©

Balatonederics is also a perfect place for trips alone or with the whole family. Apart from the proximity of Balaton and the obvious opportunities offered by the lake, you can also visit specialties such as the Africa Museum. The Museum was founded by dr. Endre Nagy, a well known and appreciated hunter who spent a many years in Tansania. Upon his return he created the museum in his villa from the exotic items he brought back.

There is also a small zoo in the garden of the villa which may not be compared to the large zoos of the country, but the zebras and camels still provide an unusual sight on the shore of the Balaton.

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