Top 3 reasons to visit Tokaj

Tokaji Aszu

Tokaji Aszu ©e_calamar/Flickr

If you have not yet been to the world famous wine region of Hungary or just did not have the time to explore it the way it deserves to be explored, I would like to provide you now with the top 3 reasons to visit Tokaj. After the Hungarian specialties like the gulyas or the retes maybe it is Tokaj that fist comes to the globetrotter’s mind when they hear about Hungary.

This friendly, cozy place that smells like must (grape pulp) has got a lot of exciting attractions to offer if you decide to tour some of the country and get to know the regions that have the most beautiful landscapes and richest cultural heritage. So here we go with some really good reasons to visit Tokaj.

Part of the World Heritage

Tokaj wine region

Tokaj ©

The Tokaj wine region enjoys protection since 1737 when a royal decree pronounced it a closed wine producing area. Wine making in the region is happening under strict regulations for more than 300 years. You can witness the making of wonderful wine specialties according traditions that haven’t changed much in the last millennium, in the villages on farms, in the ancient cellars you can follow every single step of the sacred process of wine making.

Because of the mainly intact, thousand year old traditions in grape growing and wine making, in 2002 UNESCO’s World Heritage Comity added the Tokaj wine region to its list of World Heritage Sights.

Home of kingly wines

Tokaji Aszu

Tokaji Aszu ©e_calamar/Flickr

The most solid proof of the quality of the wines made here is the fact that quality wine shops all over the world usually have a few bottles of Tokaj wine, the specialty called Tokaji Aszu became well known all over the world throughout the centuries. It was actually XIV. Louis of France who told about it: ‘Wine of kings, king of wines’.

Grape is indigenous in the area since the prehistoric times, which might also contribute to the fact that they can produce such amazing drinks in the Tokaj Hegyalja wine region.

Collection of colorful attractions

Tokaj Love Cellars

Tokaj Love Cellars ©

Budapest is not the only place with great attractions in the country, if you are an enthusiast for good wines, you must definitely visit Tokaj. But if you want more than cellars and wine tasting, the place also has a lot to offer, the main square and the main street are must sees, you can walk down the Love Cellars (a small street of cellars), see the Bacchus well, the Cannon-ball house and you should definitely visit the Rákóczi-Dessewffy Castle by the Tisza bridge.

You can also visit the Tokaj Museum, the House of Tokaj Wines and the Rákóczi Cellar and Mansion for some practical information. And most of all, do not forget to taste the amazing wines of Tokaj Hegyalja region, like the Tokaji Aszu, Szamorodni, Harslevelu and maybe even the exquisite Tokaji Esszencia.

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