Top 3 sights in Hungary for forest lovers


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August is slowly coming to an end, but do not be sad because summer is over because there are not a lot of things more moving and beautiful than the sight of a fall forest. Imagine the smell of fallen leaves and pine, the sound of the foliage in the fall breeze and the eternal peace of forests… it is the perfect place to relax and charge. If you have the opportunity to experience all this in Hungary, see the the top 3 sights for forest lovers for this season.

You can always spend here a pleasant afternoon, or even a few days in a nearby inn or hotel and let your senses guide y9ou in these beautiful forests. Let me know in the comment section why you love forests and what is your favorite thing about fall.

Gemenc Forest

Gemenc Forest

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Laying on the territory of the Danube-Drava National Park on the southern part of the country, Gemenc Forest is a real concept among the hikers and trekkers who frequently visit it. It is the largest floodplain covered in forest in Europe and has got lovely groves that serve as a hiding place for all kings of animals.

Starting from Porboly village you can discover the forest through 20 miles (32 km) on the Gemenc Forest Railway but you can also use one of the 8 the hiking paths created for visitors. It is wonderful!



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Located in Vas county, Farkaserdő is one of the largest coherent forests in the region. The fairy tale like forest has got pine trees, spruces and the famous and sometimes really old stalk oak trees. Apart from the very varied and really interesting flora, the whole forest has got a very mystical atmosphere.

Bükkszentkereszt Forest


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At a one hour driving distance from Eger and Miskolc, under the mountains, in a valley you can find the second highest laying settlement in Hungary, Bukkszentkereszt. The small village is surrounded by the well known Bukkszentkereszt Forests.

It has got an extremely clear and fresh air that is good for respiratory problems, but also, as the previous two places, rich flora and fauna to discover. According to the legend, Virgin Mary herself walked these forests once and she rested on the stone called the Stone of Our Lady ever since – said to have healing powers.

These are the top 3 sights for forest lovers in my opinion, but if you have other favorites, I would be happy to write about them too.


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