Top 3 tourist attractions in Keszthely

The Festetics Castle in Keszthely

The Festetics Castle in Keszthely © veszig/Flick

Keszthely is the oldest city in the Balaton region. As the capital of the area, Keszthely welcomes its visitors with a picturesque natural scenery, a buffalo reserve with a rich history, a great number of leisure activities, cultural resources, but also culinary specialties combined with some exceptional wines!

Keszthely is the ideal destination for holidays being in the same time affordable. It is the ideal destination especially for a family vacation, the water is excellent for swimming, it has playgrounds and the there is a possibility of renting pedalos, all these transforming it into a favorite destination for the little ones.

We are going to present you the top 3 tourist attractions in Keszthely besides the beautiful city center already described in a previous article.

The Festetics Castle

The Festetics Castle is the third largest castle in Hungary and a famous landmark of Keszthely. There you can admire the Baroque tower, the Main chapel, which remained intact, the 101 rooms of the castle and the Helikon Library, which houses over 86,000 volumes. The Festetics Castle, the residence of the Festetics Counts, is the pearl of the city of Keszthely. The construction of the castle began in the eighteenth century by Kristof Festetics.

View from the Keszthely Castle Park

View from the Keszthely Castle Park ©anee.baba/Flick

Th Neo-Baroque style building was completed in 1887. It is one of the oldest castles in Hungary and it is kept in excellent condition by the Hungarian government. In the 16 rooms of the Helikon Castle Museum you can admire an exhibition that shows how life was in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the trophy collection of Prince Windischgartz and weapon exhibitions. In the gorgeous music hall with mirrors are held castle concerts each week.

The Festetics Castle in Keszthely

The Festetics Castle in Keszthely © veszig/Flick

The Museum of the Georgikon Farm

The Museum of the Georgikon Farm is located in a complex of buildings built in the early nineteenth century, where was functioning a farm with the same name. The  museum is a top tourist attraction in Keszthely displaying collections based on the history of the college and later the University of Agriculture and Viticulture of the Balaton region and traditional equipment used by farmers such as those crafted by wheelwrights, coopers and blacksmiths. The museum was the first institution of advanced agricultural studies in Hungary and was founded by Count György Festetics. If you are passionate about gardening, agriculture and viniculture, you should not miss a visit to this museum in Keszthely.

The Buffalo Reserve

A tourist attraction in Kesztely that definitely shoudn’t be missed is the Buffalo Reserve situated in the southern part of the Kis-Balaton, near the village of Kápolnapuszta. It houses a total of 200 water buffaloes. Ideal would be to visit the reserve during the afternoon, when they gather in the central area of the reserve.

Exhibition in Keszthely

Exhibition in Keszthely ©AZso/Flick


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