Top 3 wonderful thermal baths in Hungary

Aquaticum Debrecen

Aquaticum ©

Would you like to relax, get charged and fave a lot of fun and all this at the same time? Spend a day or two – or more – in on of the top 3 thermal baths in Hungary! The place is not called the country of waters by accident, there are more than 135 thermal water springs on its territory and in more than 60 of these places there is a bath operating with these blessed healing waters.

These baths do not provide recreation only for those who want to heal, the wide range of wellness and spa services offered by these baths meet the expectations even of the most pretentious traveler. Let me know which one of the baths you liked the most, these are only three, but I will try to include more in later posts!

Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca

Cave Bath in Miskolctapolca

Cave Bath ©

Considered one of the most interesting and out of the ordinary baths in Europe, the Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca is visited by people not only from neighboring countries, but from all the continent. The spring of the Cave Bath is well known since the 16th century, it is still very popular mainly because of the 29 °C water in the cave – yes, the bath is actually in a cave, but also because of the beautiful waterfall, again in the cave and the different services like bubble bath, massage and indoor pool.

They also have a newly opened sauna park with Finnish sauna, steam cabin and infra sauna as well as the hall imitating a planetary where you can admire the night sky of the summer while enjoying the warm, babbling water and ethereal silence.

Aquaticum in Debrecen

Aquaticum Debrecen

Aquaticum ©

Today it isn’t only the historical attractions that make Debrecen a city worthy to visit, now it also hosts the Aquaticum, one of the most  modern thermal baths in the country offering numerous pools with water of different temperatures as well as a very special indoor pool with a loaded with palms and other exotic plants.

It is the ultimate recreation spot even for the whole family, it offers sauna park, massage center, wave pool, 12 slides, water-chopper, cave bath, baby pool, kids pool and other fun things. If that is not enough, the wellness section offers everything you can imagine from red grape body treatments to chocolate treatments.

Egerszalok Thermal Bath

Egerszalok Thermal Bath

Egerszalok Bath ©

Only 6 km (3.5 miles) from the historical city of Eger, Egerszalok Thermal Bath – in the town of Egerszalok – is a perfect place for relaxation, partly because of the beautiful environment and partly because of the amazing experience the bath ensures.  17 different indoor and outdoor pools, sitting bath, bubble bath and many others await you to try them.

One of the most special features of this bath is the large Salt Hill that has both relaxing and healing effects. But apart from that Egerszalok Thermal Bath also offers a wide range of other services: sauna center with Finnish, Russian or bio sauna, steam bath, aroma therapies, Far East treatments, all kinds of massages and Spa treatments.

If you feel the need for some sports, all three baths have fitness centers too. So what do you say, which of the specialties would make you the happiest and most relaxed? Let me know in the comment section!

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