Top 5 classic museums in Pecs

The Csontvary Museum in Pecs

The Csontvary Museum in Pecs ©korom/Flick

There are many museums in the city and we already presented some interesting ones, today we focus on the top 5 classic museums in Pecs.

The Amerigo Tot Museum in Pecs will certainly be interesting for the passionates of sculpture but not only. One of the most visited museums in Pecs is the Csontváry Museum, one of the greatest Hungarian artists. The Ethnographic Museum is one of the most beautiful and interesting museums in Pecs. The Janus Pannonius Archaeology Museum is located behind the mosque on the Széchenyi Square. The Renaissance Museum shows the architecture of the city.

The Csontváry Museum

The Csontváry Museum in Pecs was opened to the public in 1973 and has a collection of over 100 works of art. Csontváry’s work is distinguished by a personal vision of the world, reflected in the works of post- impressionist inspiration. It is said that Picasso himself admired the works of this great artist. The collection of the museum includes sketches of the early career, paintings that present biblical or historical scenes and scenic landscapes.

The Csontvary Museum in Pecs

The Csontvary Museum in Pecs ©korom/Flick

Ethnographic Museum

The permanent exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum in Pécs offers a unique opportunity to know the traditions of its inhabitants. With the help of photographs, utensils exposed you get informed of the construction techniques of the locals. In the first room of the exhibition you can see textiles of the area. Special attention deserve the colorful original costumes and the pottery products.

The Amerigo Tot Museum

The Amerigo Tot Museum in Pecs is made up of sculptures donated by the artist to its hometown, Pecs. Recognized for his works of Renaissance and  surreal inspiration, the exhibition includes famous works, and personal items that belonged to the great sculptor.

Museum street in Pecs

Museum street in Pecs ©Monika Kostera (urbanlegend)/Flick

The Archeology Museum

The exhibition of the Janus Pannonius Archaeology Museum in Pecs that can be seen here shows the history of the inhabitants of the region. The most important exhibits include artifacts dating from the Stone Age, discovered during archeological excavations on Mount Makar, and relics of Celtic origin, dating from the Bronze Age, discovered on Mount Jakab. The museum shows numerous examples of stonework found in Pannonia and medieval china pottery.

The Renaissance Museum

Pécs is renowned as a center of the Hungarian artistic renaissance. Since the beginning of the sixteenth century, a number of buildings have been decorated in Renaissance style.  Therefor it was founded the Renaissance Museum, which outlines through its exhibitions the architecture of the city of Pecs city and of the surroundings.

The beautiful city of Pecs

The beautiful city of Pecs ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick


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