Top 5 most beautiful places to visit in Hungary

Veil Waterfall at Szilvasvarad

Veil Waterfall at Szilvasvarad ©berdoszpaposz/Flick

Hungary has as beautiful sites as any other of the surrounding countries; they only need to be discovered. We will tell you what are the five miracles of the country that you definitely need to visit at least once. These are all excellent summer recreational programs, but if you prefer to enjoy the beauty of nature in a more moderate weather, perhaps the most perfect for you would be a pleasant afternoon trip in September.

The top 5 most beautiful places to visit in Hungary include the Lake Cave at Tapolca, the Rém Gap, the Grassalkovich Castle,  Hollókő and the surroundings of Szilvásvárad.


The Lake Cave at Tapolca

The cave system under Tapolca and its surroundings was formed in thousands of years by the karst waters. The name of the city is Slavic and means thermal water and it is one of the top 5 places to visit. The charming center of the town is the Malom-tó (Mill Lake) with a water mill and its water is collected by the Kistó (Small Lake) the main attraction being the Lake Cave (Tavas-barlang).

Cave Lake at Tapolca

Cave Lake at Tapolca ©korom/Flick

The Rém Abiss

The Rém-Szakadék (Terrifying Abiss) is a frightening and challenging formation. It is awesomely beautiful in the literal meaning of the term. The water of a spring is running down to the valley to the Mill Brook that is finally ending in the Danube. Anyone who wants to explore it has to walk in the drifting water of the wild and deep valley cuts. And it gets harder and harder. The upper section almost falls on the hikers, and the waters are transforming in towering waterfalls – some of them are more than seven meters tall. However, everyone has to try it at least once in a lifetime.

The Grassalkovich Castle

The Grassalkovich Castle is the tresure of Godollo and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Hungary. Grassalkovich Anthony became baron at 26 years and a count 11 years later. He bought a large estate near the Hungarian capital. The center of this estate in Godollo was completed in 1751.
The U shape building was extended with stables, barn wings, a castle church, an orange house and a beer and until the house was built in three wings, until a new architecture style was born that is still called Godollo style across the border.

Grassalkovich Castle at Godollo

Grassalkovich Castle at Godollo ©korom/Flick

The taste and smell of traditions at Hollókő

The Hollókő or the Raven Rock is one of the most beautiful places in Hungary.
The country became part of the World Heritage Sites between the first ones in 1887.
The original structure of the historical part of the town, the Old Village, lying at the foot of castle hill wasn’t disturbed by anything. It was automatically transformed in a Village Museum. The houses give place to various ethnic, regional, historical and occupational collections and a part of them became Memorial Houses or restaurants. The few hundred inhabitants continue the traditional grape growing on the surrounding small plots as well.

The area of Szilvásvárad

The water formed cave systems of shocking sizes inside the hill near Szilvásvárad. The dissolved limestone is continuously deposited at the foot of the hill and forms a loose rock fabric on the upper section of the spring brooks.
The Szalajka stream builds its own riverbed and waterfall near Szilvásvárad in the Szalajka Valley, however people also have a little part in this. The result is not only beautiful but useful as well: beyond the creation of the wonderful Fátyol-vízesés (Veil Falls) it solves the task of the trout rearing.

Veil Waterfall at Szilvasvarad

Veil Waterfall at Szilvasvarad ©berdoszpaposz/Flick

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