Top 5 pastry shops in Budapest

Ruszwurm Pastry Shop in Budapest

Ruszwurm Pastry Shop in Budapest ©e_calamar/Flick

The city of Budapest is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe and in the world and a famous tourist destination.

Some people visit the pastry shops frequently, others more rarely, but sooner or later everybody wants a bit of sweetness, a slice of cake or a cookie.

We would like to present you a list of the top 5 pastry shops in downtown Budapest, where you can make a sacrifice on the altar of sweets. Our list contains the followings pastry shops: the Daubner, the Gerbeaud, the Ruszwurm, the Auguszt and the Alexandra Book Café.

The Gerbeaud pastry shop in the heart of the City

The Gerbeaud is one of the most iconic confectioneries of Budapest, but its fame and appreciation goes far beyond the city limits. Beside its location in the heart of the city, thanks to the traditional sweets, the company founded 150 years ago is still very popular especially among tourists. You can find here the Hungarian Dobos, the Esterhazy or Gerbeaud cake, but modern sweets are also served. The interior design is very elegant and luxurious and you can experience the atmosphere of the past times. The pastry shop is located at 1051 Budapest Vörösmarty Square 7-8.

Gerbeaud Pastry Shop in Budapest

Gerbeaud Pastry Shop in Budapest ©Nigel’s Europe/Flick

The Daubner pastry shop or the one hundred years old success story

The Daubner is one of the top 5 pastry shops in Budapest. Since its founding in 1901, became one of the most respected pastry shops on the Buda side of the capital.  They have a wide range of cakes, cookies and other dessert that suits all kind of tastes of their guests. In addition to the classic desserts such as the Hungarian Dobos or the Russiancream Cake, you will also find the light, fruity and healthy confectionery, represented by the ice cream. The shop is located at 1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi Street 50.

The Ruszwurm or the puritan, classical and folk pastry shop

The Ruszwurm is present for more than 150 years in the Hungarian pastry world and is one of the top 5 pastry shops in Budapest. The first pastry shop that still exists was opened in 1827 by Franz Schwabl in the Castle offering traditional desserts. The atmosphere and the interior design of the Ruszwurm can be described as bourgeois. The pastry shop has some beautiful old pieces of furniture. The Ruszwurm has a variety of simple sweets, but they are made of ingredients far beyond the average. Try the Szamos and the Esterhazy cake, the pies and the scones and do not miss the Ruszwurm cake, this made the pastry shop really famous. The Ruszwurm is located at 1014 Budapest, Szentháromság Street 7.

Ruszwurm Pastry Shop in Budapest

Ruszwurm Pastry Shop in Budapest ©e_calamar/Flick

The Alexandra Book Cafe or coffee and cake with style

The Alexandra Book Café is one of the most beautiful pastry shops in Budapest and it is located directly above the Alexandra Bookstore, in the building of the former Paris Department Store on the Andrassy Street 39. Despite of being in the center of Budapest the cafe is incredibly peaceful and quiet. The interior is lovely; you will hardly find a better place to enjoy a book next to a coffee and a cookie.

The Auguszt pastry shop or five generations of tradition, quality and professionalism

There are three Auguszt pastry shops in Budapest: on the Sasadi street, on the Feny street and on the Kossuth Lajos street 14-16. The last one is probably the most popular of them thanks to its captivating interior. You will find here all kinds of products: cakes, cookies, salty snacks and some specialties as well, like the recently popular macarons, or the orange-mousse with wasabi and elder.

Auguszt Pastry Shop in Budapest

Auguszt Pastry Shop in Budapest ©miyagisan/Flick

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