Top 5 places for outdoor excursions in Hungary

Fatyol Waterfall, Szalajka valley

Fatyol Waterfall ©

It may be true that Hungary cannot proud itself with the highest mountains and always snowy peaks, but nonetheless does it have beautiful landscaped that will charm even the most pretentious hikers. The country has got wonderful places to see, lookouts, forests and mountains that you must see.

To help you choose, here is my list of top 5 places for outdoor excursions in Hungary. Whenever you have the chance, you have to visit some of these places and when you do, please let me know your experiences.

Fátyol-waterfall, Bükk

Fatyol Waterfall, Szalajka valley

Fatyol Waterfall ©

The Fátyol-waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Hungary as well as the most famous spot in the Szalajka valley. The beautiful surroundings will certainly enchant you immediately as well as the variety of the flora and fauna or the terraces of the waterfall that let water flow down as it was veils of water.

The Fortress of Boldogkő, Zemplén

Boldogko Fortress

Boldogko Fortress ©

The ruins of the Boldogkő Fortress are seducing visitors for a trip from a cliff in Zemplen. It is worth to spend some time in the friendly small village and the fortress offers a mineral exhibition and knights games in the summer. You must also climb up to the lookout, the view to the area from there is astonishing!

Dobogókő, Pilis


Dobogoko ©

Dobogókő is one of the most popular spots for excursions in Hungary partly due to its proximity to the capital and partly because of the amazing view over the Danube Bend. The place is also famous for its healing powers and strong spirituality. Many say that here is located the heart chakra of the planet and that you can hear the beating of Earth’s heart.

Parádsasvár, Mátra

Karolyi Castle Paradsasvar

Karolyi Castle Paradsasvar ©

On the northern part of the Matra mountains, located on a plateau, Parádsasvár is a most beloved place for excursions. It is very close to the beautiful Karolyi Castle, but you should also visit it because of the exceptionally clear air and the wonderful view over some of the peaks of the Matra Mountains, like the Mogyorós-orom, the Nagy-Lipót, the Galyatető, the Bagolykő, the Csór-hegy, the Vadak orma or the Hármas-tető.

The buttes of the Upper Balaton

Some of the buttes of Upper Balaton

Some of the buttes of Upper Balaton ©

The so called ‘Hungarian Sea, – the Lake Balaton – is not a good place to visit only in the summer and only if you want to enjoy the water. The well known and widely liked buttes of the area ensure that hikers and lovers of excursions also have a wonderful time here. They are very good hiking spots and also have some nice hidden wine cellars.


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