Top 5 places in Hungary to visit in 2014

Holloko view

Holloko view ©

As tiny a country as it is, Hungary has got loads of hidden gems that seem miracles in the eyes of the beholder. Put the Central European country on your bucket list for 2014 and discover the smallest of places that may hide the largest of treasures.

The top 5 places in Hungary that you should visit in the next year are places you probably never heard of, but you should know that there is more to this patch of land at the foot of the Carpathians than traveling to Budapest or Lake Balaton.


Village house in Orseg, Hungary

Village house in Orseg ©

The Wastern Hungarian region is a little fairy-tale land on its own that still protects the memory of the old ways let it be folkloric traditions or the characteristics of the peasant culture/ way of life. It is also one of the most wooded areas of Hungary with many natural attractions.

The Danube Bend (Dunakanyar)

The part of the Danube between Esztergom and Budapest is not only famous because it gives home to places such as the Castle of Visegrad, but also because of the beautiful nature. The Danube Bend quite probably provides the most beautiful view in all the country.


The National Historical Memorial Park of Ópusztaszer was created to preserve the history of the Hungarian people but it also gives home to amazing sights such as the Pallavincini Castle, the Starpath Labyrinth (Csillagosveny labirintus) as well as the Arrival of the Hungarians, a world-famous, huge cyrcular panoramic painting made by Arpad Feszty.


Holloko view

Holloko view ©

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Hungary, Holloko preserved the ancient traditions of the people. It is more than a simple outdoor museum, visitors can look back at the past as if it was still alive.  Beside the village itself, the Fort of Holloko is also a must see!


The highest point of the Visegrad Hills (700 m) is not only breathtakingly beautiful, it is also widely said that the mountain has got healing powers and mystical energies. According to experts of the esoteric, this is what the heart chakra of the Earth is located and in the silence of the so-called Ferenczy Rock you can even hear the beating of the heart of Earth.

Ever been to one of these places and have something to share? Or you would like to add something to this 2014 top 5 list? Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section!

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