Top 5 places to relax in Debrecen

The botanical garden in Debrecen

The botanical garden in Debrecen ©dustpuppy/Flick

Debrecen is one of the most famous Hungarian cities and we present you a list of the top 5 places to relax in Debrecen.

The Aquaticum Mediterranean Water Park is an important spa resort in Hungary, which attracts thousands of tourists annually. A visit to the Debrecen Zoo will surely be a great experience. The garden covers 3.4 hectares and was opened to the public in 1958. Built between 1861-1865 in Romantic style, the Csokonai Theatre hosted many opera performances. The Great Forest of Debrecen was designed as a recreational area in the middle of nature that awaits its visitors since 1958, being the first natural reserve in Hungary.

The Great Forest in Debrecen

The Great Forest in Debrecen ©dustpuppy/Flick

The Water Park of Debrecen

Tourists can enjoy a range of facilities offered by the natural water:  indoor pools, Mediterranean water park, jacuzzi, different baths with cave, stream water pool, geysers, health and wellness sector. For those staying at the Hotel Aquaticum in Debrecen the entrance is free. The aquatic facilities of this complex include a Thai massage center, a dental center, sauna, steam room, restaurant with national and international dishes, playground for children with supervision provided by qualified personnel.

The Csokonai Theatre

The beautiful façade of the  Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen is decorated with the figures of Melpomene and Tepsicore, two Greek muses of music and dance, and the figures of six Hungarian poets, who had something to do in one way or another with this theater. In the early twentieth century the building was expanded, today having a capacity of 600 seats. The theater has four main sections: theater, opera, dance and orchestra.

The Csokonai Theater in Debrecen

The Csokonai Theater in Debrecen ©dustpuppy/Flick

The Debrecen Zoo

Any animal lover will find in the Debrecen Zoo native and exotic species besides of the many species of birds. The jungle cat and the monkey spider are just some of the attractions of the zoo. The clams and snails exhibition also has a great success among visitors. It was created a special place for children where they can play with domestic animals. There is also a very modern theme park inside the zoo.

The Great Forest and the Botanical Garden of Debrecen

The first garden area, established several decades ago and along the zoo are part of the landscape of Debrecen. The Great Forest (Nagyerdo) now covers nearly 1,000 hectares and the Debrecen Botanical Garden founded in 1992 has more than 165 species, collected from five continents. The tourist attractions include the Green House with the richest collection of succulent plants in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Great Forest of Debrecen is the perfect place for a walk with the family. In the area there are also many restaurants and entertainment places including the ones in the surrounding of the Lake Békás.

The botanical garden in Debrecen

The botanical garden in Debrecen ©dustpuppy/Flick

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