Top 5 religious buildings in Gyor

The Church of Ignatius Loyola

The Church of Ignatius Loyola ©anee.baba/Flick

The Basilica of Gyor was built in the eleventh century according to the plans of Menyhért Hefele. The main facade of the Carmelite Church has an Italian character and behind it is a sanctuary of ellipsoidal shape.

The Synagogue is one of many places where you can be filled with spirituality in Gyor. The Héderváry Chapel is a place of worship that is really admired by tourists. Houses the relics of a Hungarian king and many other attractions. The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola was built between 1634-1641 by the Jesuit community who lived here. The church is a replica of the Church of Il Gesu in Rome.

The Basilica of Gyor

Some parts of the Basilica of Gyor were painted by Franz Anton Maulbertsch and the statues are made by J. Gotschall. The initial construction had two towers. During a battle in 1526 one of them was burned and later an explosion destroyed the other. The vestry was made during the time of Bishop Gyorgy Szechenyi and the Baroque interior was shaped during the time of Ferenc Zichy. The church can be visited daily between 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m..

The Bazilica of Gyor

The Bazilica of Gyor ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

The Carmelite church

Carmelites settled in Gyor in 1967. Their Carmelite Church of Gyor was built according to the plans of Athanasius Wittwer between 1721 and 1725, and the monastery was completed in 1732. Mario Altomonte is the one who painted the altar. It has to be mentioned that the Black Mary statue can be seen here in the Loreto chapel since 1717.

The Synagogue

Located across the river Raba, the Synagogue of Gyor has a richly decorated octagonal dome and galleries that amplify the mystery of the place. It was built in 1870 but it has been rebuilt recently. Although this, this is one of the places that delight the eye by specific architecture of Central Europe in the nineteenth century. The Academy of Music is located next door, once this has been a popular Jewish school.

The Synagogue of Győr

The Synagogue of Győr ©Emmanuel Dyan/Flick

The Hedervary Chapel

The Hedervary Chapel in Gyor contains one of the most beautiful and valuable medieval gold pieces that houses the relics of one of the first Hungarian kings, Laszlo, who reigned from 1077-1095. The work dates back from the fifteenth century and is made ​​of gold plated silver with cloissoné decorations. In this chapel, in the northern part of the altar is located a wonder maker icon, called the crying St. Mary icon, which is believed to have miraculous powers. In the southern part of the cathedral is the statue of Saint Michael.

The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola

The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in Gyor was built according to the plans of Baccio del Bianco. A school in the vicinity was also part of the construction of the complex and was built in 1667. The two towers of the building were added in the eighteenth century.

After the Jesuit Order was dissolutioned, the Benedictines took over both the school and the church in 1802. The interior is decorated in Baroque style, and the ship was decorated in the mid eighteenth century. The main altar, the ceiling and the ship sanctuary are painted by Paul Troger, the most famous Baroque painter in Vienna. The sermon is the work of Lajos Gode (1749) and the church organ dates from 1755.

The Church of Ignatius Loyola

The Church of Ignatius Loyola ©anee.baba/Flick

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