Top 5 tourist attractions of Budapest in the outer region of Buda

Aquincum Amphitheatre

Aquincum Amphitheatre ©chad_k/Flick

Budapest is a magnificent capital city with uncountable tourist attractions. It is split by the Danube in two main parts. On the right side is the Buda area of the city and on the left side is the Pest area.

Many tourists visit the attractions of the Castle Hill and the Gellert Hill, but today we would like to present you the most important tourist attractions of Budapest that are located in the outer region of Buda. These include famous hills, protected and wildlife areas, caves, ancient ruins, museums, charming old houses, and old squares.


Hills and other natural areas of Buda

The Buda side is also the green area of the capital city with famous outing places. There you will find the John Hill, the Norma Wood, the Széchenyi Hill, the Small and the Large Lime Hill, the Hermit Hill, the Threeborders Hill, the Budakeszi Wildlife Park and parts of the Protected Landscape of Buda.
If you would like to make a trip that includes these tourist attractions on the Buda side of Budapest we sugest to take the cog railway to Széchenyi Hill, and then the child train to H?vösvölgy. The train reaches Budapest’s highest point, the John Hill (526 m), from where you can go with cable car to Zugligeti.

Coming down with cable car from John Hill in Budapest

Coming down with cable car from John Hill in Budapest ©beta.robot/Flick

Famous caves of Buda

One of the two walkable caves of the town is the 500 meters long Pálvölgy stalactite cave. The entrance is at Szépvölgyi Road 162. The other one is the 300 meters long healing cave, the Szeml? Mountain Cave with its entrance at the Pusztaszeri Road 35.

Pálvölgyi cave in Budapest

Pálvölgyi cave in Budapest ©aanjhan/Flick

Roman ruins in Óbuda

The ruins of Aquincum that is the two thousand years old Roman predecessor of the city of Budapest, former civil and military center with the two amphitheaters, the mosaic ornate villas, the military baths, the stone pillar of the old plumbing are located in the north side of the capital city. Connected ruins form the Aquincum Museum (Szentendre street 139), which has precious relics as carvings, murals, an ancient organ.

Aquincum Amphitheatre

Aquincum Amphitheatre ©chad_k/Flick

 The Holy Spirit Square with beautiful old buildings

The atmosphere of the main square of Óbuda is given by the unique old single-storey houses, taverns and precious museums.

Museums in Óbuda

The Imre Varga Museum is located on Barracks Street. 7 (Laktanya utca, 7. szám), and presents the works of the famous contemporary sculptor Imre Varga.

On the Holy Spirit Square (Szentlélek tér) you can also find the Vasarhelyi Museum which houses the whole life work of the Hungarian-born Victor Vasarely, who is the creator of the op-art style.

At the Kiscelli Museum (Kiscelli street 108) can be seen the vast art collection of Hungarian works from the twentieth century and the collection of works inspired by the city of Budapest.

Square in Óbuda

Square in Óbuda ©maggiejp/Flick

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