Top Eger attractions you must visit

The Castle of the city of Eger in Hungary.

Eger Castle ©

You might have already heard about the city of Eger in the North-Western part of Hungary that is famous for its trademark wine, the dry red Egri Bikvér (Bull’s Blood of Eger) and Turkish historical heritage. Apart from these, the city offers lots of things to see and do, it is one of the richest cities of Hungary in term of memorials and monuments.

Today’s article is about such an amazing city, or rather the top 5 attractions of the city – a list very hard to put together as there are so many amazing things to see in Eger and around. Enjoy the reading and please use the comment section if you have any questions or… well, comments.

 The Eger Castle

Eger castle - view over the city

View from the Castle ©Square Head/Flickr

The Castle Hill gave home to a fortress from the time of the Arpad – house kings (1000 AD to 1300 AD) and was the property of the bishop of Eger, but this fortress was destroyed during the Mongol invasion of Hungary. The rebuilt castle and its 2 000 defenders kept the fortress against the Ottoman army that was in huge overpower in 1552 and according to the legend, when winter came the Turkish left unsuccessful, saying ‘Allah is on the side of the Hungarians’.

In the Dobo Istvan Castle Museum gives home to artifacts from the history of the city as well as the names of the defenders during the 1552 siege in the Room of Heroes. From spring to fall numerous events are organized inside the castle walls – life here is never boring!

The Minaret of Eger

Minaret of Eger

The Minaret ©

Half a century after the unsuccessful siege of Eger, the Turks still captured the city. Many of the historical monuments in Eger are from the time of the Turkish subjection, one of these is the famous Minaret. This 40 m tall building with a tetradekagon layout is the Northernmost Turkish monument in Europe.

You can get up to its round-balcony via 97 spiral staircases and get an amazing view of the area from early April to late October – from 10AM to 6PM. During the yearly summer events there is always muezzin music played from inside the minaret. It really is an adventure – a tiring one if you ask me – to climb the stairs and entrance fee is cheap.

Baths of Eger

Eger Thermal Bath and Water Park

Eger Thermal Bath ©

There are two famous and well known baths in the Northern-Hungarian city. One is the Water park and Thermal Bath that awaits visitors with wonderful thermal waters, from the 37 C degrees hot sulphurous pool to the 27 C degrees radon rich waters. Apart from these there are numerous more pools for kids, adults, adventurers and those who just want to soak in some nice warm water.

The Turkish Bath is the other great bath of the city with different types of pools typical to the Turkish baths, Turkish cafe and relaxation rooms with sound and light therapy. The architectural style of the place evokes the atmosphere of the Ottoman era.

These were only a few reasons why you should visit this beautiful city, but there are many others, so come and see the city for yourself and while here, do not forget to taste the famous Bull’s Blood of Eger and let us know how you liked it.



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