Top new attractions in Hungary that you must see


Hagymatikum ©

This small country is already filled with historical, cultural and natural treasures but nevertheless it does expand all the time with new touristic attractions of all kinds. Planetary, aquarium, thermal spa, ‘tajhaz’ (outdoor ethnographic collection) and many other things are created every day and they are all wonderful.

Check out what are the top new attractions in Hungary that you must see if you are around in the country, meet old and new kinds of ways to entertain, teach and relax yourself, then let me know in the comment section which one of the attractions you like to visit the most.

Tisza Lake Eco-center

Tisza Lake Okocentrum

Tisza Lake Okocentrum ©

The eco-center is located in Poroszlo, a small town in Heves county on the Eastern part of the country. The center gives home to the largest freshwater aquarium system in Europe, it is of 1 million liters. The center exhibits the indigenous water wildlife of the Tisza Lake, the Tisza Valley and Hungary.

Palinka House in Tarpa

Palinkahaz in Tarpa

Palinkahaz in Tarpa ©

The Palinka Order from Szatmar-Bereg county opened a palinka house. Visitors can see the details of the production of this strong drink that is also a special Hungarian product. There is also a tasting room where one can taste different palinkas, isn’t that cool?

Kumania Pool and Thermal Path

Kumania Pool and Thermal Bath

Kumania Pool and Thermal Bath ©

The Kimania Pool and Thermal Bath was recently renovated and the attached high end hotel was just opened in May 2012. They have spent an awful lot of money, but the complex is really beautiful, comfortable and modern.

Pannon Csillagda

Pannon Csillagda

Pannon Csillagda ©

The directorate of Balaton Uplands National Park opened the Pannon Csillagda  in 2012. The 800 square meter large educational complex hosts a telescope park, a digital planetarium as well as astronomical and space research history exhibitions. It is a great destination for families, but also for anyone interested in astronomy.

Hagymatikum Thermal Spa


Hagymatikum ©

Recently opened in Mako, the Hagymatikum Thermal Spa is nicknamed the bath of baths. It is famous for its exceptionally diverse services as well as the distinctive Makovecz-style building.

Buffalo Reserve at Morahalom

Mórahalmi bivalyrezervátum

Mórahalmi bivalyrezervátum ©

Morahalom is in Csongrad county, in Southern Hungary and if you happen to wander around there, you can absolutely not miss the Buffalo Reserve at Nagyszeksos Lake.

These are all wonderful spots to visit for everyone. New and new places are created and opened all the time so I will try to keep you updated about them. Hungary is a great country that has got a lot to offer, explore and book your tickets. 😉

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