Tourist attractions in Fertõd and in the surroundings

The Fertő-tó or the Neusiedl Lake lies near Sopron, along the northwestern border of Hungary. The larger part of the lake, about three-quarters, lies in Austria. The entire area of the 309 square kilometer lake, including the Hungarian and the Austrian half, lies on protected natural areas. The lake, that the locals call Fertő is part of the World Heritage Sites since 2001.

The Hungarian name of the lake comes from the swampy, muddy place most of the surface being full of reed. The Ferto lake has a highly alkaline and salty water and a curative mud, therefor is an important tourist attraction.

It is very interesting that there is no permanent coastline, so the extension is constantly changing. Over the years, several times parched, around once in every 100-150 years. Its water is whimsical, sometimes completely disappears, sometimes becomes gigantic and threathens and absorbs the surrounding villages.  A real specialty is that the water level is sland because of the wind. It happens to be more than 80 inches water level difference between the northern and the southern shores.

Lake Neusiedl

Lake Neusiedl ©HappyTellus/Flick

Bike trip around the lake

If  you like the active relaxation, feel free to make a trip by bike around the Ferto Lake. The terrain is easy, there are hills only on the west coast. The entire lake is surrounded by the 418 -kilometer-long bicycle road, so you can be in complete safety. If you want to rest on the road, stop and take a dip in the water that can have up to 25-28 Celsius degrees in the summer! Although the Hungarian section with its 60-70 cm water depth of better for rowing, water skiing and boating, on the Austrian section, you will find numerous excellent bathing places.

The Ferto Lake

The Ferto Lake © JoesSistah/Flick

Other attractions around Fertod

The pearl of this land is the town of Fertod, located in Gyor- Moson- Sopron county, at 25 km from Sopron. The town was originally called Eszterhaza (House of Esther) and is often called the “Hungarian Versailles”. Those who are at least a little romantic, will surely enjoy the most famous tourist attraction, the greatest treasure of Fertod, the magnificent Baroque-style Esterhazy castle.

After the historical time journey, you can take a walk on the streets of Fertod, that are famous of its well kept house courts. It is especially beautiful the neogothic Saint Andrew Church and the Holy Cross Church built in 1986. If you want, you can also visit the nearby summer bobsleigh track as well. This area offers really diverse hikig opportunities as well. So, if you want really active and colorful experiences, head to the northwestern corner of the country!

Lake Neusiedl in winter

Lake Neusiedl in winter ©michi bertolino/Flick

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