Tourist attractions in Pannonhalma

Statue in Pannonhalma

Statue in Pannonhalma ©pollobarca2/Flick

As the winding road leads men through the Bakony mountainous region, behind the thick trees suddenly appears the city of Pannonhalma. This city belongs to the universal history of the Hungarians.

The Saint Martin Hill (Szent-Márton hegy) stands out from the landscape. The lit abbey is beautiful at night. It is so stunning that you can not take your eyes from it. Of course it is also beautiful in the daytime. While it is undeniable that the abbey is the most impressive part of the city, it is not the only notable one. We present you some other beautiful tourist attractions in the city of Pannonhalma.

The arboretum of Pannonhalma

Leaving the abbey, you cannot miss the arboretum of the 7042 ha large Protected Area of Pannonhalma. While walking on the white stone roads covered with leaves between the hundreds of tree species you might see a Black Stork, a Hoopoe, a Bee-eater or even a black kite . At the entrance of the arboretum you have a breathtaking view. On the information board you read: “The monks of the ancient times carefully cultivated and collected the medicinal plants”.

Sunset over Pannonhalma

Sunset over Pannonhalma ©rishon-lezion/Flick

Architectural attractions in Pannonhalma

If you are not tired after the visit in the arboretum, it is still a lot to see in Pannonhalma. The main tourist attractions include the Radnóti monument, the Millennium Monument, the Saint Martin Cathedral and the Assumption Chapel. Not far from Pannonhalma are some fishponds as well; you have a beautiful view of them from the hill. These lakes are beautiful from afar, but they worth to be seen from close as well.

Statue in Pannonhalma

Statue in Pannonhalma ©pollobarca2/Flick

The Pannonia vineyard

The “Pannonia vineyard” cannot be left out from the list of the tourist attractions of Pannonhalma. Pannonhalma and the wine tradition have a relationship of one thousant years. The first written record of the viticulture has been found in the foundation document of Pannonhalma. The priests of the order were preaching from the pulpit the importance and the method of viticulture. You can taste here Italian Riesling, Muller Thurgau, Irsai Oliver, spicy Cserszegi. The white wines are of outstanding quality, with a rich flavor and aroma. The large stores of wine producing businesses and the small cellars of the local families are lined up on the hillside next to each other. You can buy the local wine anywhere.

If you consider that you have seen everything, visit a local restaurant, try the food local food with a local wine or sweet liquor and definitely wait for the sunset. You will quickly realize that you have not seen everything yet.

Restaurant in Pannonhalma with a view of the vineyard

Restaurant in Pannonhalma with a view of the vineyard ©azatesz_/Flick

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