Tourist attractions in Szeged

The cathedral of Szeged or the Votive church

The cathedral of Szeged or the Votive church ©Gyorgy Kovacs/Flick

Szeged is so rich, wealthy, gorgeous, interesting and vibrant that you cannot know it during a one day visit, it doesn’t fit in a one-page description and the locals say that a lifetime is not enaught to totally absorb it. There are so many tourist attractions in Szeged that it is impossible to include them in a list, but we will try. We invite you to an unforgettable walk in the beautiful city of Szeged, which include magnificent big squares with outstanding buildings, many scupltures and beautiful streets.

Szeged is a vibrant festival city. For 75 years the inhabitants regularly held the Szeged Open-Air Games on the Cathedral Square, but several other programs await the visitors.

There is no lack of Culinary Festivals: wine festival, beer festival, the International Tisza Fishing Festival, Szeged Paprika Days.

Festival in Szeged

Festival in Szeged ©Nóbik Attila/Flick

Pedestrian street and Mediterranean square

Be sure to take a little time for a walk on the Karasz Street. At the beginning of this pedestrian street you will se the so called Welcoming sculptures, that evoke the typical joyful festival atmosphere of the city. From here we get to the Mediterranean style Klauzál Square, where you will find one of the first full-length statues of Kossuth in Hungary and the Well of King.

The Szechenyi Square

Start your walk with in one of the most beautiful and largest squares in Central Europe, the Szechenyi Square! The squer welcomes us with the statues of István Széchenyi, Paul Vasarhelyi, Lajos Tisza, Ferenc Deák, the symbolic bronze statues of the Blessing and the Destroyer Tisza River, the sculpture of Kunó Klebelsberg and the couple statue of Saint Stephen and Giselle. The building of the Tisza Hotel and the Zsótér house are also famous tourist attractions of the city of Szeged. The Neo-baroque City Hall is an outstanding building, which is connected to the nearby Tanement house throught the Bridge of Sighs.

Festival on the Szechenyi Square in Szeged

Festival on the Szechenyi Square in Szeged ©Nuuuuuuuuuuul/Flick

The Cathedral Square

An other important tourist attraction in Szeged is the gigantic Cathedral Square (Dóm tér), which is as big as the Saint Mark Square in Venice. There you will find the National Memorial Hall (Pantheon), which houses many unique handmade creations and relief works. You will also see the city’s oldest monument, the Demetrius tower. After the great flood in 1879 the city officials pledged to build a gigantic temple, that was called the Votive Church. Besides the magnificent mosaics, sculptures, relief works outside the dome, the monumental organ with 9040 pipes ia a real specialty. Another interesting feature of the temple is that on the ceiling mosaic Virgin Mary can be seen in the traditional costume of Szeged. Opposite to the main entrance of the Cathedral is the singing clock with moving characters that give a tribute to the medieval universities.

The cathedral of Szeged or the Votive church

The cathedral of Szeged or the Votive church ©Gyorgy Kovacs/Flick

Other important tourist attractions in Szeged

Among the tourist attractions of Szeged we have to mention the huge secessionist huge Synagogue and Reök Palace, the Dugonics square, the Square of the Matryrs of Arad, the Ferenc Mora Museum, the Stefanie (also known as the Castle Garden), the Szeged National Theatre, the Anna bath, the Bishop’s Palace and the Franciscan church.


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