Tourist attractions in Szigliget

View from the Castle of Szigliget

View from the Castle of Szigliget ©anee.baba/Flick

The Lake of Balaton has thousands of colors, thousands of smells and thousands of faces. As we follow the water we leave behind the smaller and bigger coastal settlements one after another, we can clearly see the rhytmic and lively variation of the colors, shapes and moods. Facing to the south, on the south-western part of the basin of Tapolca we will discover a place where all of these are united in a perfect harmony. And where did we arrive? We are at the entrance of Szigliget, a real gem of the Lake of Balaton.

Today we present you the most beautiful tourist attractions in Szigliget.

These include the Szigliget Castle, the ruins of the Avas Church, the Eszterhazy Mansion, and the wine of the region.

The Szigliget Castle

The castle is the most important attraction of Szigliget. Even if it is in ruins, the 13th century castle still has an imposing air lying on the Castle Hill, in the immediate vicinity of the Old Village.

The Szigliget Castle ruins

The Szigliget Castle ruins ©korom/Flick

The Avas Church ruins

Besides the Szigliget Castle there are many other things to see in this charming settlement. We recommend you to see the 13th century Avas Church ruins. Once on this area was the village and the port itself. The tower of the church is relatively well-preserved. It is a very interesting sight as it has four sides on the bottom, then six sides and it is octagonal on the to

The Eszterhazy Mansion

If you are in the area, you must see the 18th century Eszterhazy Mansion, a stunning tourist attraction. It was rebuilt in classical style and has a pretty small tower as well. Today it is the creative workspace of writers and poets, being a real paradise for artists. Walking in the 15 acre park of the mansion, that has numerous rare species, it is not surprising that one can get easily inspired.

The beautiful surroundings of Szigliget

The beautiful surroundings of Szigliget ©anee.baba/Flick

The wine of Szigliget

Wine culture is really at home in Szigliget, as it has been demonstrated that vines were already raised there 2000 years ago. This area belongs to the Badacsony Wine Region, which is unique because of the proximity to the Lake of Balaton: the sun’s rays is reflected to the vines from the water surface of the lake.

Szigliget is a unique and interesting place of the Lake of Balaton and really deserves to be included inn the top destinations of the Lake of Balaton. Leave a bit behind Siófok, Tihany and Balatonfüred and take the direction towards south to Szigliget!

View from the Castle of Szigliget

View from the Castle of Szigliget ©anee.baba/Flick

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