Tourist attractions in the city of Esztergom

The Prímási Palace in Esztergom

The Prímási Palace in Esztergom ©korom/Flick

Esztergom is located on the right bank of the Danube, at 60 km to the northwest of Budapest. The old residence of Hungarian kings and princes is the seat of the Catholic archbishop of Hungary since 1715 and, thanks to its many historic buildings, it is a major tourist center. Let’s see some tourist attractions in the city of Esztergom.

The castle hill was inhabited since Neolithic times. The famous Prince Géza settled here and built what is probably the oldest stone castle in Hungary. His son, Vajk was born here in 973 and in 997 was crowned as King Stephen I, the first king of Hungary.

The city of Esztergom

The city of Esztergom ©tatli-delilik/Flick

The castle hill of Esztergom

The city of Esztergom has the third largest cathedral in Europe and next to it lies the castel built in 972, and renovated since than with wonderful views of the Danube Bend and the city. You cannot get enough of this view in hours.

Architectural tourist attractions in Esztergom

Although Esztergom doesn’t have a true charming pedestrian street, as you come down from the hill do not think that it’s time to go home! There are a few more interesting touirst attractions in Esztergom.

You can visit the Church of Saint Anne that looks like a Roman Pantheon, the world war heroes monument in the Heroes’ Square, or the Roman milestone. Take a walk around the city, admire the Calvary on the St. Thomas Hill, or the victory table of Suleiman in the castle walls. If we speak of the tourist attractions of Esztergom, we cannot forget the Prímási Palace, the parish church that was once temporarily filling the role of the main Cathedral, or the Plague Madonna statue that was built in 1740 after the plague in the memory of the victims.

The Prímási Palace in Esztergom

The Prímási Palace in Esztergom ©korom/Flick

Museums in Esztergom

You won’t be disappointed if you like the collections of the museums. Esztergom is the home of the Hungarian Environmental and Water Museum, the Danube Museum, the Balassa Bálint Museum and the Christian Museum. The customs house at the beginning of the Maria Valeria Bridge is a real specialty that functioned as a showroom for a while, but since 5-6 years ago gives home to a currency converter.

Activities for nature lovers in Esztergom

If you prefer hiking instead of the monuments, churches and museums, you are still in the right place. You are awaited by the Danube-Ipoly National Park and the Búbánatvölgy (Sorrow Valley) and its surrounding area. If you spend a little more time in the city you can visit the water park, you can play mini golf or you can try the kayak or the canoe, too.

The basilica and the castle in Esztergom

The basilica and the castle in Esztergom ©anee.baba/Flick


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