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Village Museum in Tihany

Village Museum in Tihany ©jinpal/Flick

The Balaton is not just a lake, it is a concept, everyone who travels to Hungary should visit it at least once. It is said that Siofok is the capital of the Lake of Balaton, but there is a place that is meaningfully towering over the lake, a real crown jewel of the landscape.

The beauty of nature, the enchanting atmosphere of the village and the historic monuments make Tihany so attractive. The peninsula can offer us many interesting things. Today we present you the most important tourist attractions in Tihany which include the memories of the past and some nonhistorical attractions as well.

The memories of the past

The residents of Tihany were typically poor fishermen. The charming old houses around the church, the cozy Open Air Village Museum evokes the life of the former fishing village and it is an important tourist attraction in Tihany. If you are walking in this museum, you may feel that you were taken back in one of the previous centuries.

Village Museum in Tihany

Village Museum in Tihany ©jinpal/Flick

You can visit the furnished famer house on the Pisky promenade that it is in its original condition. In the shed opened in front you can see agriculture tools, farm equipment and the wooden dog that was used on the ice of the Lake of Balaton. The guild held its meetings in the fishermen’s guild house, and the guild emblems were also kept here (guild chests, guild seal, guild jar). The fishing equipment was kept in the barn. If you walk further along the promenade you can stop by the Potter’s House, where you can see or buy local pottery objects of the local potter decorated with blue and white motifs.

The only fountain of Tihany was called earlier the Russian fountain, now is known as the Cyprian well. The hermits carried the water from here in the past.

View from Tihany

View from Tihany ©psalmi76/Flick

The range of the tourist attractions in Tihany is not complete yet. The doll museum in Tihany is the romantic world of porcelaine dolls and doll houses from 1850-1920. The dolls are dressed in their original clothes and completed with old toys and other accessories.

Non historical attractions in Tihany

If you have already seen every natural treasure, historical monument, and tourist attraction in Tihany, the village still reserves you something new. In summer, there are plenty of events held here. You can take part of the event series of the Tihany Festive Games, or you can attend the organ concerts in the church of the Benedictine Abbey.

The really lucky ones can have a very different perspective of Tihany and the bay from a small ship or a sail boat.

When you visit Tihany, don’t miss the typical local fish dishes and the great local wines.

Festival in Tihany

Festival in Tihany ©jorgemejia/Flick


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