Tourist attractions in Visegrad

The Danube bend at Visegrad

The Danube bend at Visegrad ©David Spender/Flick

At 43 km from Budapest to the north, were the Danube makes a turn of almost 90 degree to the south lies the city of Visegrad. The river embraces the city with an overwhelming natural force, not feeling this is impossible! On the other side the city is protected by the Visegrad mountains range.

The locals have may things to tell us about the past, because Visegrad is one of the oldest settlements in Hungary. There is something that attracts the events of historical importance. Over the centuries, countries, and rulers of empires have chosen this city closely embraced by the forces of nature as a meeting place.

The golden age of the city of Visegrag was during the reign of King Matthias. The city truly blossomed: a large-scale construction projects, renovations and a sparkling court life began to be there; dozens of artists and thinkers came to Visegrad.

Architectural attractions in Visegrad

The Solomon Tower is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Visegrád. It received the name of Solomon only because of a historic mistake, he wasn’t imprisoned here. The tower is a true rugged fort with its height of 31 meters and its walls that in some places are 8. Once it served the purposes of defense, now it is a museum.

The Solomon Tower

The Solomon Tower ©csaga/Flick

Visit the spectacular Town Hall, browse the ornated plaques on the walls of the houses and visit the King Matthias Museum

that is showing the remains of the former Royal Palace. It is unbelievable today, but in those times in the fountain of the palace was wine instead of water! Other turist attractions in Visegrad include the Mary Chapel, or visit the wax museum.

Attractions for nature lovers

Take an enchanting walk in the park, accompany the Danube on a while. Its faint murmur and slow movement surely will relax your mind.

If you are after a bit of hiking after the sightseeing in Visegrad, you are in the right place: the surrounding of Visegrad is a beautiful countryside that is perfect for trips. Visit the Devil’s Mill Falls, the Jardin des Plantes of Nicholas Bertényi or visit the winter/summer bobsled track!

If you are interested in a spa relaxation, Visegrád won’t disappoint you. There you can find plenty healing thermal and mineral water!

Anyone who has already seen Visegrád, understands why it was appointed as the place of such significant historical events. Without a little history we can not understand Visegrad, and without Visegrad we can not understand Hungary.

The Danube bend at Visegrad

The Danube bend at Visegrad ©David Spender/Flick

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