Tourist guide to Debrecen

The town square of Debrecen

The town square of Debrecen ©access.denied/Flick

Debrecen is an important city in Hungary, the capital of Hajdú-Bihar county. It is located at 200 kilometers from Budapest and it is the second largest city in Hungary after the capital.

The city has a rich history of over 750 years. It was part of the old Kingdom of Hungary, then the Principality of Transylvania and the Habsburg Empire. It was twice the capital of Hungary during the forty-eighter revolution and during the Second World War. This rich and tumultuous history reveals a number of major tourist attractions, historical and cultural monuments of great value.

All these make this Debrecen a perfect destination for a cultural trip, but it is also a welcoming place for those who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of a gorgeous place.

Debrecen is a chic city both in summer and winter. However, the bearable summer temperatures and sunny days give a special glow to the city, so it is recommended to visit it between May and August.

One of the most visited attractions of the city of Debrecen, both by tourists and locals, is the Aqua Park of Debrecen, an important spa resort in Hungary. Zoo area is equally appreciated, especially by children.

The Aqua Park in Debrecen

The Aqua Park in Debrecen ©dustpuppy/Flick

Shopping in Debrecen

In Debrecen you will find both supply stores (Spar) and specialized stores in any field: appliances (Saturn), stationery (Pirex), gift shops (Jateksziget), clothing (C&A) or shoes (Deichmann). It has a lot of shopping centers, malls and markets, so you will surely find an appropriate shopping place to your financial possibilities.

In Hungary the official currency is the Hungarian Forint. The prices in Debrecen are very affordable, but it obviously depends on where you shop. In the downtown area the prices are somewhat higher, while in the periphery or in supermarkets are lower.

University in Debrecen

University in Debrecen ©dustpuppy/Flick

Transportation in Debrecen

Buses are often used in Debrecen, because they circulate regularly and are very affordable. They are generally painted in green. They make the connection between different points of the city and between Debrecen and other nearby towns. The bus stations are equipped with maps for tourists. The first race starts at 6:00 am and the last is at 10:45 at night.

Taxis are white and can be taken from special taxi stations or ordered by phone. Two of the most popular companies are Fan Taxi and Fonix Taxi. They are equipped with kilometer charging devices, so it is excluded the possibility of imposing a fixed fee for a specific destination.

The town square of Debrecen

The town square of Debrecen ©access.denied/Flick

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