Tourist guide to Eger

The Cathedral of Eger

The Cathedral of Eger ©access.denied/Flick

Eger is located in the northern part of Hungary, in the West of the Matra Mountains. It has an important administrative role, it is the seat of Heves, one of the 23 counties of Hungary. The name of the city comes from “égerfa”, meaning alder, the symbol of this city. Eger is inhabited since the Stone Age, but the city that we see today was formed in the tenth century by Saint Stephen, the first Christian king of Hungary.

The city is popular for its highly regarded local wines, for thermal spas and the multitude of historical buildings, that appeared because of the troubled past and has played an important role in the evolution of the former empire.

In our tourist guide to Eger we present the City Center, the Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace in Eger.

View of the city of Eger

View of the city of Eger ©ddqhu/Flick

The City Center

The City Center of Eger is called the “Pearl of the European Baroque”. Here is the Dobó tér, the main square of the city center, surrounded by many baroque buildings and houses, with the Saint Anton Church dominating in the middle. The Cathedral and the High School in the area are also valuable historical buildings, the entire downtown area is worldwide recognized because of them.

View of the city of Eger with the castle

View of the city of Eger with the castle ©alwright1/Flick

The Cathedral of Eger

The Cathedral of Eger is one of the largest cathedrals in Hungary and the largest tourist destination in Eger. It was built in 1831 and combines no less than 36 architectural styles. It has a height of 93 m, a width of 53 m, while the towers are measuring 54 meters. An impressive staircase leads to the entrance of the Cathedral. On both sides, the staircase is decorated with carved stone statues signed by Marco Casagrande, representing Saint Stephen, King Lászlό and St. Peter and Paul. The main facade is decorated with eight Corinthian columns and the cathedral is covered with three huge domes. The nave and altar are located in the shape of a cross. The altar was painted by József Donhauser in 1835 and shows the death of St. John. The Cathedral also houses the largest organ in Hungary, built in the late nineteenth century by Ludwig Moser in Salzburg. When visiting Eger, you must stop at the Great Cathedral. It is truly impressive!

The Cathedral of Eger

The Cathedral of Eger ©access.denied/Flick

The Archbishop’s Palace in Eger

The Archbishop’s Palace is an imposing Baroque building built in the shape of “U” and it was the Episcopal seat of Eger since 1804. The entrance of the palace is also very interesting, being made of wrought iron. In the northern wing of the castle lies the exhibition called the Center of the Archbishop’s Collections and houses the most valuable objects belonging to the Palace, most dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The most important ones are various relics, chalices, monastic robes and most admired one is the coronation robe of Maria Theresa.


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