Tourist guide to Godollo

The Royal Mansion in Godollo

The Royal Mansion in Godollo ©Nigel’s Europe/Flick

Godollo is a town in Pest county, in the Budapest metropolitan area, at about 30 kilometers from the capital. The small Hungarian village is easily accessible by various means of transport from the capital. If you are in Godollo, you should visit the Palace of Godollo, the Reformed Church and Saint Stephen University specialized in Hungarian agriculture education.

Even if you can still see the traces of communism because of the tall gray buildings that present the characteristics of that time period, the city starts to have a different atmosphere. We present you a short tourist guide to Godollo.


The main market is the liveliest place in the city of Godollo. It is opened in the weekend mornings until afternoon and here you will find outdoor covered stalls where traders sell fish products, flowers and handmade objects. At some point you might feel tired, but don’t worry, you can rest in one of the cafes for a refreshing drink.

Snack in Godollo

Snack in Godollo ©agocska/Flick

The Palace of Godollo

The Palace of Godollo is one of the most important monuments of the city and also Hungary. Antal Grassalkovich is the one who was responsible for the construction of the palace. The Godollo Palace has a double U shape and is surrounded by a large park. Over time, especially in the eighteenth century, the castle had undergone many changes, it was especially extended. Its current form was established by the third generation of the Grassalkovich family. At that time the castle has eight wings, and besides the residential component also had a church, a theater and a greenhouse.

The Royal Mansion in Godollo

The Royal Mansion in Godollo ©Nigel’s Europe/Flick

The Reformed Church in Godollo

The Reformed Church in Godollo was built in Baroque style in the year 1745. The church has a simple, but beautiful facade. Over time it has undergone many changes, but in 1912 was entirely painted. In the year 1945 the events in Hungary have seriously affected the church, so the renovation work took longer than it was planned. The church tower was completed in 1993.

The Saint Stephen University in Godollo

In 1949 the government decided to found the University of Godollo, where students attend courses on agriculture and agronomy. The many specializations of the University satisfy everybody interested in these areas. The location is well chosen, being a strategic point. The building was extended after 1950, when were built numerous other bodies. Today, this place is the biggest of its kind in Hungary and can be visited by tourists without any badge.

The remains of communism in Godollo

The remains of communism in Godollo ©makrela/Flick

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