Tourist guide to Gyor

The City Hall of Gyor

The City Hall of Gyor © | Kenneth |/Flick

Gyor is one of the 23 cities with county status in Hungary and is the most important in the northwest of the country. Besides that the city is one of the five main towns with a population of approximately 127,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​over 174 square kilometers. It is the residence for the region of Gyor-Moson-Sopron, located halfway between Budapest and Vienna.

The area of Gyor has been inhabited since ancient times. The first settlement dates back to the fifth century before Christ, the residents being Celts. They called the city Arrabona, this name being used for eight centuries.

Historical background

Roman merchants moved to Gyor in the first century BC. Although the Roman Empire abandoned the area in the fourth century due to constant attacks, the city still remained inhabited. Today, many monuments and places can be visited here, among the most important tourist attractions we mention the National Theatre, the Main Square and the Tower of the Town Hall.

The City Hall of Gyor

The City Hall of Gyor © | Kenneth |/Flick

Prices in Gyor

The national currency of Hungary is the Hungarian forint. If you opt for a hostel or a hotel, it’s good to know that the prices are in euros and range from 12 euros up to 40 per night, depending on the conditions. In general, traders will take care to attract tourists with their prices, not scare them, so do not worry.

The city of Gyor

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Transportation in Gyor

To travel in the city Gyor you can choose the tram, the ticket it’s not expensive. Public transport in Gyor is mainly made by buses. They travel all over the city, being connected to the suburbs. If you want to get to Budapest, you can also take one of the buses because there are busses with longer routes as well. It is better to pay attention to local transport, because in Gyor is difficult and expensive at the same time to find parking for your car, so you better leave it at the hotel. For those uneasy about the city can be intimidating to jump into the madness of the streets here with their own vehicle.

Some vacations have included in their offer the travel from the airport or train station to the hotel. Generally, customers are accustomed to leave Hungarian drivers a tip about 10-20% of the bill. We mention some taxi companies in Gyor including the Kisalfold Taxi, Gyor City Taxi or Volantaxi Gyor.

Train station in Gyor

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