Tourist guide to Hajduszoboszlo

The Aquapark of Hajduszoboszlo

The Aquapark of Hajduszoboszlo ©Rusu Adrian/Flick

Hajduszoboszlo is a resort and spa in Hungary, also known as the “Mecca for rheumatism patients” because of the curative effects of the thermal waters in the area. Besides the treatment at this resort, which combines utility with pleasure, you can and have fun and visit some major tourist attractions, the city being welcoming and pleasant in summer. We present you a short tourist guide to Hajduszoboszlo to get acquainted with the place before visiting it.

The accommodation possibilities in Hajduszoboszlo are really good, as well as the tourist facilities near the thermal waters. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary.

The hot gold of Hajduszoboszlo

In 1091, the geologist Pávai Vajna Ferenc organized some drilling operations in the area, after which it was discovered the “hot gold”, the thermal water of 73 Celsius degrees. The basics of the resort that we see today were already put ​​in 1925. The thermal waters of Hajduszoboszlo are containing iodine, bromine and salt, and can do wonders in rheumatic, muscle or circulation diseases.

The city of Hajduszoboszlo

The city of Hajduszoboszlo ©Rusu Adrian/Flick

The Aquapark of Hajduszoboszlo

The Aquapark of Hajduszoboszlo is a water park where visitors can recreate and both have fun in excellent conditions. It is the most popular attraction of the city in summer. The mediterranean pool with an area of ​​6200 square meters is considered to be the largest pool built in Central Europe. It has 13 swimming pools where guests can relax and recreate at will. It also has 9 slides which ensures you to have a lot of fun in the water: a 113 m giant slide, a contest slide with four lanes, a 101 meters “black hole”, a ” mad river “, a Twister spiral slide, Niagara, artificial waves, children’s pools, two types of kamikaze.

The biggest attraction of the water park of Hajduszoboszlo is the Mediterranean basin with a pirate ship, lighthouse and palm trees, providing a magical landscape for children and not only. The water park has an internet cafe, sports fields, a leisure area with bike, boat, restaurants and pubs.

The Aquapark of Hajduszoboszlo

The Aquapark of Hajduszoboszlo ©Rusu Adrian/Flick

The Istvan Bocskai Museum in Hajduszoboszlo

The museum of Hajduszoboszlo is named after a ruler of Transylvania, István Bocskai, who reigned in the years 1557-1606. It houses an important collection entitled the “History of the city of Hajduszoboszlo from the beginnings until today,” which can be seen in the main room. The piece of resistance is the Bocskai flag under which the Hungarian troops marched during the forty-eighter revolution (1848-1849). There are some original pieces that reinforce the memory of the Hungarian Kingdom including the seat of judgment, handcuffs, horn which gave signal fire, medieval seals.

You can also visit here a collection of insects and butterflies peculiar to this area and an exhibition that shows the evolution of agriculture in this region, illustrated by objects and tools in this area, dating from the XIX – XX centuries.

Lake in Hajduszoboszlo

Lake in Hajduszoboszlo ©Rusu Adrian/Flick


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