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The thermal spa in Harkany

The thermal spa in Harkany ©Psoriasis-Netz/Flick

The city of Harkany is located in southern Hungary and has a rich history, being a medieval town. The original name of the city, Nagy Harkany, was mentioned in a document from 1323. Although the origin of the name is unknown, the archaeological findings indicate that here lived Huns, Avars and other migratory peoples more than 1000 years ago.

In the nineteenth century, the archaeologist János Pogány found sulphurous thermal waters in the area, and demonstrated their healing effects as they have had a beneficial effect on his injured leg.


From this discovery, 150 years ago, the number of tourists from Harkany increased considerably, reaching over 1 million visitors annually.

The Thermal spa of Harkany has become a top attraction for Hungarians.

Harkany is one of the most famous “spa towns”. For this reason, there were built hotels of European standards, sauna, massage and therapy centers, but also many pools.

Restaurant in the city of Harkany

Restaurant in the city of Harkany ©Nuuuuuuuuuuul/Flick

The thermal spa of Harkany

Thermal water in its natural state has about 60 Celsius degrees. In the Thermal spa of Harkany it reaches about 40 degrees, so it has a bearable and enjoyable temperature. Hungarians attract tourists with different legends about the source of water. One of them says that the devil plowed the Mountain of Szársomlyó and as a result a sulfurous water came out.

Zsigmondy Vilmos Spa Hospital in Harkany

Zsigmondy Vilmos Spa Hospital in Harkany ©Psoriasis-Netz/Flick

Why is this water so special that brought a worldwide fame to the city of Harkany? This is only water in the world that is containing sulfate ions in gaseous form. For the treatments in this strand is used sludge, but also hydro and electro-therapy under medical supervision. The water here is suitable for all types of rheumatism, acute skin diseases, fracture, joint inflammation, neurological and gynecological disorders, and if you drink it, may help in the treatment of gastric diseases.

The wide range of services provide family fun and recreation and the park stretching over an area of ​​13 hectares is equipped with sport and children pools.

The thermal spa in Harkany

The thermal spa in Harkany ©Psoriasis-Netz/Flick

The Reformed Church in Harkany

The Reformed Church in Harkany is one of the Hungarian Reformed churches that is wearing the name of a Calvinist Church. The building was made in baroque style, being a classical and representative building for that style: monumental, ample interior and exterior decorations, sculptures in relief depicting religious scenes, asymmetric vortex.

The church was built after the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century and promote the principles enunciated by Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin.

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