Tourist guide to Hegyeshalom

The city of Hegyeshalom

The city of Hegyeshalom ©dustpuppy/Flick

Located at the Hungarian border with Austria on the Moson Plain, the city of Hegyeshalom is part of Gyor-Moson-Sopron county, and is a town founded in the medieval period. Hegyeshalom has a privileged position, it is an ideal town for tourists in transit, and for the lovers of nature. There you have the possibility to know the area better by discovering its natural and cultural beauties and the famous hospitality of the locals.

The main attraction of the city of Hegyeshalom is undoubtedly the Stettni mine lake. The landscape, accommodation that is available there and that suits all budgets make this city a tourist attraction that is recognized at European level.

The city of Hegyeshalom

The city of Hegyeshalom ©dustpuppy/Flick

The Stettni mine lake in Hegyeshalom

The Stettni is a mine lake in Hegyeshalom, where visitors can go fishing or swimming. It is the “piece de resistance” for tourism in this small town, as it offers a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The natural landscape is strictly preserved, but on the shore of the lake are you will find benches and gazebos, as well as picnic places.

Somewhere at a few meters from the lake you can enjoy the terraces and restaurants of Hungarian specific and taste the famous goulash or the typical Hungarian bean soup. In the surrounding has been developed a real recreation center, with sport opportunities (football and tennis ), authorized camping or horse stud where you can practice the riding.

As you can see, the Lake of Stettni in Hegyeshalom is an important attraction of the city, where both children and grown-ups may find interesting activities and visit special places, besides of enjoying the hospitality of the locals.

In the city of Hegyeshalom

In the city of Hegyeshalom ©dustpuppy/Flick

The Catholic Church of Hegyeshalom

Dating from the thirteenth century, the Catholic Church of Hegyeshalom is a religious symbol for the locals and it was built on a hill near downtown. Originally the building was built in Romanesque architecture style, but in the fifteenth century was renovated and was almost completely transformed. Today this edifice of Hegyeshalom obviously has a Gothic style, although has remnants of the Romance architecture as well (the main arch has a semicircular shape and not a broken arch).

On the outside, the lacy appearance and the height of over 18 meters makes it a typical Gothic church and gives a majestic allure. In the inside, the baroque altar stands out and the detailed paintings are representing the Catholic saints. Above the altar is a painting of Virgin Mary with the Child.

Border railway station of Hegyeshalom

Border railway station of Hegyeshalom ©philstephenrichards/Flick


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