Tourist guide to Keszthely

The City Hall in Keszthely

The City Hall in Keszthely © veszig/Flick

Keszthely is a baroque town located in a romantic area, between the mountains and the Lake of Balaton. Keszthely is both the largest and the oldest settlement near the Balaton, in Roman times was an important trade center.

It seems that the famous Hungarian composer, Karoly Goldmark, was born In Keszthely. The Kossuth Street, where his house is still standing (Casa Peto), leads to the central square. There is a nice high Franciscan parish church dating from the fourteenth century. The Gothic frescoes have been recently brought to light for the passionate and the original rosette of the windows was exposed to the public.

The Main Square

The Main Square of Keszthely (Fo tér) is a highly populated area for tourists, where you can admire a number of interesting buildings built in late baroque style. The most important ones include the City Hall, and the Trinity Column, situated in the center of the square. Special attention deserves the former Franciscan Church which is found throughout the Square. If you have time for a walk, do not miss the park located in the southern part of the market.

The Main Square of Keszthely

The Main Square of Keszthely ©Vasvári Ferenc/Flick

The City Hall

The City Hall is a building easily spotted once you reach the Main Square in Keszthely. It is a two-story building, built in 1769 in the style of Louis XVI. Initially had only one floor, but subsequently was added another floor for reasons of space, while being the headquarters of various official people. Today houses the City Hall of Keszthely.

The City Hall in Keszthely

The City Hall in Keszthely © veszig/Flick

The Trinity Column

In the eastern end of the main square of Keszthely is the Baroque Holy Trinity Column. Paul Festetics erected in 1770. Originally it stood on the western side of the square, it was placed to thiss less busy space in this century. Its beautiful stone fence have been destroyed in the last century. On the triangular pedestal stays St. Roch, St. Sebastian, St. Florian and the statue od a small angel, and a tall Corinthian column topped with the traditional trinity statue group. During the reconstruction of the main square the statue will be restored to its original position.

Famous events in Keszthely

In the city of Keszthely are taking place many events inlcuding the Helikon Festival in April, the opening of the summer season on Lake Balaton in May 1, the Balaton Festival in May, the Wine Festival in August, the Beer Festival also taking place in August, and the Goldmark Yard with drama, folklore evenings and concerts.

Traditional clothes in Keszthely

Traditional clothes in Keszthely ©CyberMacs/Flick

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