Tourist guide to the city of Tokaj

Wine cellar in Tokaj

Wine cellar in Tokaj ©Sheepskin Coat/Flick

Tokaj has always been an integral part of Hungary. The Tokaji wine is well known in the whole world, but the locals are trying make the historic city famous as well. The city itself is probably less known for you, but it deserves the attention. If you consider visiting it, our tourist guide to the city of Tokaj might be very helpful.

Under the railway bridge, from south to north the first that you can see are the love wine cellars. They were created at the 1100 years anniversary of the Hungarian conquest. Behind the wine houses the famous Tokaji wine is kept in cool cellars covered with noble mold.

Since 1604 to the Rákóczi war of independence on the island formed at the confluence of the Bodrog and Tisza stayed the castle of Tokaj, that protected the area. Today the island can be accessed only by boat or ferry.

The historic center of Tokaj

When we walk through the historic downtown we soon notice the Rákóczi-Dessewfy Castle. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Tokaj. The castle is from the 1700s and was built in imposing Baroque style. Not far from from it lies the main street of the city which was always called Derék street. On the left side of the square is the building that was the accommodation place of commander George Klapka  in 1849 during the Hungarian Independence War. It is interesting that in one of the walls cannon ball, which reminds every Hungarian of the happenings. On the main square of the city of Tokaj is a Roman Catholic and Protestant church as well. The ornament of the main square is the statue of Saint Stephen made by László Péterfy.

The statue of Saint Stephen in Tokaj

The statue of Saint Stephen in Tokaj ©Sheepskin Coat/Flick

The Greek merchant houses

If you are walking on the Derék street to the north you will see the Greek merchant houses built in the 18th century. One was the property of the Morelli family and the another was the store and the residence of the Christmas family. The latter houses today the grape and wine ethnographic exhibition. Upstairs you can see the Church Art Collection of Bela Beres. On the ground floor of the former shop are held some temporary exhibitions. The wine exhibition is housed in the double winged cellar under the building. On the courtyard are displayed various local historical items of stone.

Some more interesting buildings

If you continue to walk away from the center of the city of Tokaj, you can admire the former Pauline monastery. It is also worth to be seen the Town Hall, the Queen Elizabeth bridge or the holiday home of Francis Bán that was planned by himself and it is one of the most interesting buildings of the contemporary Hungarian architecture.

The city hall of Tokaj

The city hall of Tokaj ©Sheepskin Coat/Flick

Festivals in Tokaj

Thanks to the festivals, Tokaj is being discovered by young people as well. The Tokaj Foothill Festival attracts more and more people. At the event, besides the contemporary music bands, the visitors are awaited with movies, “civil street”, sport and hiking opportunities, “talk” tents, and obviously with Tokaji wines.

Of course, the festivals list does not end here. You can choose between the Tokaji Wine Festival, harvest festival, film festival, jazz festival, autumn or winter meeting of the motorcyclists.

Sport activities

Only a few people know that the city of Tokaj has a 600 m long ski slope as well. You can also try the 200 meter sleigh slope, too! But you won’t be disappointed if you only come for hiking. From the slope you will have a great view of the mountains and from the parking of the TV station you can see the Hungarian plain region.

Wine cellar in Tokaj

Wine cellar in Tokaj ©Sheepskin Coat/Flick


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