Veszprem, the city of queens

The Cathedral of Saint Michael in the Castle of Veszprém

The Cathedral of Saint Michael in the Castle of Veszprém ©korom/Flick

Veszprém is known as the city of queens. Although many people had heard this expression, it is not sure that everyone knows where this comes from. The Cathedral of Saint Michael in the Castle of Veszprém was built to the request of Saint Stephen’s wife, Gisella. Since then, the current Queen of Hungary became the gracious lady of the cathedral.

Later in the castle was also built a Queen’s palace. Besides of that,  traditionally the bishop of Veszprém crowned the Hungarian queens. These are the reasons why Veszprém is called the “City of queens“. The Christianity celebrated his first victory over paganism in Veszprem, as I. Stephen defeated Koppány here.

The magnificent surrounding of the city

You can not say that Saint Stephen and Giselle have chosen the city with a bad taste. Veszprém is located in an exceptionally beautiful natural surrounding. The city of Veszprem was built around the Sed stream, at the meeting point of the Bakony-Balaton Highland and the Veszprém Plateau junction on seven hills and its valleys. It is interesting that from all of the Hungarian county seats Veszprém has the highest location, it is not uncommon to have 30-40 meter height difference between the individual areas within the city. The cname of the city comes from the Slavic personal name of Bezprem.

The city of Veszprem

The city of Veszprem ©Nóbik Attila/Flick

The most important historical attractions of the City of queens.

The Veszprém Castle is one of the earliest stone castles that were built in Hungary, and has a size of about 400×100 meters. You can walk between magnificent houses within the castle walls.

The Saint Michael Cathedral is an integral part of the history of the city of Veszprem. The church building burnt down several times during the past centuries, therefor its history is caracherized by repeated rebuilding, restoration and renovation. Countless small glass windows make the buildingvery intimate.


The Cathedral of Saint Michael in the Castle of Veszprém

The Cathedral of Saint Michael in the Castle of Veszprém ©korom/Flick

All of the postcards, travel guides, souvenirs from Veszprém present the 45 meter high Fire Tower that was once intended to be a Watchtower and until today it became a true symbol of the city. The tower was built for the purpose of defence and was called for a long time Watchtower. Later it was uset to monitor the fires in the town and there always was a tower keeper, who scanned the city day and night.

The Trinity Square in Veszprem and the baroque Archbishop’s Palace were built in 1776. The building offers a stunning view from the eastern valley, from there you can see its inner patio and garden. It houses the Archives and the Library of the Archbishop.

Near the palace you will see the Gothic Gizella Chapel, that, according to the tradition, was established by Gizella.

On the edge of the Castle Hill that is overlooking to the valley, on the lookout tower lies the statue of Saint Stephen and Queen Gisella, which were raised for the 900 years anniversary of the death of King Stephen.

In the Castle of Veszprem

In the Castle of Veszprem ©Nóbik Attila/Flick

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