Visit Hungary with InterRail in 2014

Lake Balaton in the summer

Balaton in the summer ©Krisztina.Konczos/Flickr

Hungary is a unique and fascinating country and is a European rail adventure that is definitely worth a visit. With an InterRail Hungary Pass you can discover every corner of this charming country from the capital to the famous Balaton lake and wine regions.

Put Hungary on your 2014 must-do list and visit the country with InterRail and see below why you should fly to Budapest and take the train tour through this tiny wonder in the middle of Europe. Of course, you can by all means travel to Berlin or any other city as well and get on a train there.

Budapest – a charming capital

Budapest Danube bank with the Parliament

Budapest Danube bank ©Mihai Bojin/Flickr

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is something you just have to see. Take a look at the spectacular castle-palace, which is located on the banks of the Danube River – beautiful by day, spectacular at night. Cross the Chain Bridge and ride the funicular from the nineteenth century to the treasures that are on the mountain. Take a magical Danube River Cruise, enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Budapest and see the wonderful sights of the Hungarian capital.

Historic Hungary

The city of Pécs is located at the foot of the Mecsek Mountains and is a popular tourist destination. The place is a wealth of monuments, is one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary. During your stay you should go to the mosques from the Ottoman era and visit the Archaeological Museum, with findings from the period of Roman occupation, between the first and the fifth century. Sopron offers historical highlights as well, where you can admire a mixture of Gothic and Baroque architecture. The medieval castle of the Esterhazy family, which was once owned by the Habsburgs and is located just outside the city, is also worth a visit.

Spa and delicious wines

Wine cellars at Szepasszony alley

Szepasszony Valley wine cellars

If you want to relax a little, Hévíz is just right for you. This spa is located on the shores of Europe’s largest thermal lake and reportedly has medicinal qualities. Sit in this magical water and enjoy the surrounding woodland. Wine connoisseurs are recommended to make a trip Eger, where there is the perfect thirst quencher, the Szépasszony – Valley. In the local vineyards you can taste several varieties of fine wines that you will love. Do not miss the dry Bikaver (Bull’s Blood) and the sweet Medina.

Relax by the lake

Lake Balaton in the summer

Balaton in the summer ©Krisztina.Konczos/Flickr

Although Hungary has to offer no coasts, it compensates that with Balaton, a popular summer resort for Europeans. The northern and southern banks are quite different. The South is full of people in the summer and has a lively nightlife attracting both locals and tourists. The North of the lake offers a more sophisticated and more refined atmosphere. Balaton is perfect for boating as well as fishing, sailing and windsurfing but is also great if you just want to relax and do nothing.

Wild nightlife

Hungary’s capital has plenty of great bars and restaurants and a lively nightlife. Liszt Ferenc tér is a beautiful place in the center of Budapest, with many restaurants, bars and terraces. The Menza – in retro style – is a popular restaurant on the square. There you can enjoy authentic Hungarian cuisine and the unconventional designs Soviet canteens  from the 1970s.

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