Visitor Tips for Hungary

Hungarian Currency, Hungarin forint


Hungary is a relatively small country, but of course, getting around in the country needs some previous planning. Depending on how you want to travel within the country, you might need to know a couple of thing about the country and it’s people. You may already know that the official language is Hungarian and the currency is the ‘forint’ – $1 costs approximately 222 Forints – but that’s not enough if you want to have a getaway lacking unpleasant surprises, right? So here are a couple of visitor tips for Hungary that will surely help you find your way inside the country.

Getting to Hungary

Buda Castle by night, Budapest, Hungary


The best way to get to the country, especially from the US is flying to Budapest Ferihegy Airport (BUD), the cheapest flight from New York (JFK) to Budapest I have found costs $742 (October 2011).  But if you are already in Europe, train is another handy solution that can be even cheaper than air travel.

Hungary has got moderate continental climate with four seasons. Spring and summer are beautiful and a great time to visit the country, however, July and August are the main tourist season. In these months lake Balaton, Budapest and the larger cities are very crowded, so you might want to avoid traveling in that period.

While in the country

Budapest Combino Tram, Budapest public transportation

©Brian Harrington Spier/flickr

Many young people, especially in the cities speak some English, but you might want to learn a few Hungarian expressions before you arrive, people always see that as a sign of respect and thoughtfulness. The country has got a good railway system, you can get almost everywhere by train.

In Budapest you can use the subway lines that web all the city, but there are buses, trams and trolleys as well. The cost of a ticket valid for one tip is 320 Ft in November 2011, but there are tickets valid for one day (1550 Ft), three days (3850 Ft) or longer, that are especially handy for a tourist.

Safety tips for the cities

We have to state that Budapest is completely safe to travel to, however you should consider a few tips in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises and enjoy your stay. Only travel in licensed cabs and always check fare list –  these cabs have a yellow license plate with the name of the company. Be careful with pickpockets at busy attractions and on public transportation. In Budapest there is a hot-line in English language for tourists, for emergencies: 438 8080, their office is in V. district, Vigado street – hope you won’t need it!

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